Our action plan for offered service modules:

We recommend choosing our comprehensive range of services. In such case, the scope of our work will cover both the identification and implementation of incremental savings as well as comprehensive process improvements. If the above is contracted, our remuneration can be defined as a percentage of the contracted savings (no gain, no pay model).

Alternatively, we will execute an agreed part of our operating model for you, based on a fixed premium calculated on the basis of the required time commitment.

  1. Meeting with the client’s management and main stakeholders of procurement activities

  2. Determining the scope and milestones of the audit

  3. Definition of resources and members of the project

  4. Agreeing the necessary data scope and collection rules

  5. Setting the schedule and deadlines

  1. Interviews and audit questionnaires with selected employees

  2. Spend structure review and analysis of current supplier portfolio

  3. Analysis of existing agreements and compiling information as to the quality of relationships with suppliers

  4. Conducting tests on a agreed sample of purchase documentation

  1. Presentation of the report / audit results, discussing the level of organization’s purchasing maturity

  2. Risk matrix indicating the detected risks and their weight in the procurement process, initial proposals on mitigation tools and controls

  3. Savings potential estimate – a list of optimization projects

  1. Preparation of new purchasing policies and procedures

  2. Creation of enforcement tools for the effective implementation of new purchasing rules

  3. Implementation of changes limiting the indicated risks in the procurement process

  4. Market analysis, organization of tenders, contractual security of identified savings and service improvements

We do not offer overly sophisticated communication, oversized and hardly legible power point presentations, or trival corporate dialect. We offer practical, realistic and measurable solutions that will be reflected in your financial performance statement, we provide savings and individual bespoke action plan that support your company.