Our services

Procurement Processes

  • We run a full review of the purchasing process. We examine purchasing activities from the moment a purchase requirement arises until the final settlement of goods or services purchased.
  • We review your policies, purchasing rules currently exercised in your organization. We test out their actual execution and effectiveness in terms of achieving optimal and best procurement solutions.
  • We recommend changes, corrective actions, we suggest streamlining rules and purchasing processes. Where relevant, we will propose a new purchasing model, new tailor-made purchasing policy, as well as effective controls and monitoring mechanism adjusted to the profile of your business.
  • We create a matrix of risks related to the improper or sub-optimal ways of working within the procurement processes. We will highlight the risks and consequences of negligence if no corrective actions are activated.
  • We work out categorizations of all purchases and suppliers related to production, indirect or logistic costs.
  • We suggest and recommend changes in order to achieve full transparency and efficiency within the purchasing area.

Identification of Savings Potential

  • We analyze in detail the profile of your expenses, verify the portfolio of your current suppliers and prepare a strategy for action in order to reduce costs, improve the quality of service, products as well as reduce the complexity within the purchasing process.
  • We verify current contracts and 3rd party commitments and indicate the savings potential associated with them. We propose new rules for improved, more effective contract management.
  • We advise specific solutions and tools leading to the implementation and realistic harvesting of savings as well as organizational improvements as designed by us.

Implementation of the new solutions

We offer a full implementation of our recommendations.

This service may include all activities within the procurement process:

  • Purposeful analysis of the supplier market, along with the identification of new product or service providers,
  • Confirmation of the legitimacy of the purchase requisition – optimization and verification of specifications in order to avoid suboptimal or overspecified requisitions,
  • Project management in line with the expectations of its participants – internal recipients of goods and services,
  • Conducting the entire comprehensive tendering procedure using modern e-procurement tools (electronic inquiries, online process, online auctions, analysis and comparison, etc.),
  • Leading or supporting the negotiation process related to the desired changes, recommendations for final purchase solutions,
  • Setting up the most optimal future contract terms / purchase agreement,
  • Final contracting and the coordination of the implementation of supplier cooperation. Executing the desired level of service quality monitoring (indicators, SLA),
  • Coordinating all the other activities targeted at executing savings recommendations.

What will you get?

Improved procurement processes

New contracts

New way of operating

Calculable savings

We guarantee legible and reliable evidence of granted benefits.


A report on the quality of existing purchasing practices and procedures as well as a current procurement maturity assessment

A risks matrix related to current procurement set up along with a proposal for a recovery plan.

A list of project proposals covering achievable savings and/or improvement of service quality. Solution proposals improving the purchase conditions as well as purchasing tools along with their implementation rationale.

Spend optimization through savings potential classification as per their monetary value, time and resource needs, strategic importance for the audited organization.

Improvement of purchasing terms by creating new contracts, new operating models guaranteeing new service benefits and measurable savings.

Implementation of all or selected projected improvements as per the Client’s guidelines.